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What is Caféteria?

Caféteria is a curated community for people passionate about food, structured as a DAO. Read the manifesto for full context :)

What's a DAO?

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which is a new model for group organization that is used in many crypto companies and organizations. DAOs are more transparent and egalitarian than traditional forms of organization because all rules and decisions can be enforced on a blockchain.

Here are some good resources if you want to learn more:

What's the roadmap?

Our first milestone will be launching Table 0, our inaugural group of 20 community members. We will be building the internal community to align on future direction, and will be able to scale the community as we build a strong foundation. In the future, we plan to both host food-related events and build digital products to support and expand Caféteria's presence.

Who is behind Caféteria?

We are passionate about the intersection of food and web3. Our core team is NYC based and made up of engineers, designers, and an active investor in the DeFi and NFT space. Our earliest community members include two chefs who you've likely heard of if you're in the NYC food scene.


We will be launching the $CAFE token as we determine fair distribution and incentives for the community. We are working closely with experts in the DeFi, DAO, and NFT space.

How can I get in touch?

DM us on Twitter @cafeteriadao or Instagram @cafeteriadao